Accelerating Africa’s digital customer experience

By 2025, the continent of Africa is expected to have over 600 million mobile users with the growth of online and digital services. Enhanced communications and economic activity is at the heart of this evolution, particularly for sectors like banking and telecoms.

Infrastructure investments are increasing within the region, and significant developments in data standards like 5G and services – such as WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging app in Africa.

Africa’s digital native population

Africa has an enormous amount of mobile users – 456 million to be exact – and of that number, 239 million are using internet services. By 2025, the number of smartphone users is expected to rise from 39% to 66%, showing consumers are embracing mobile-only processes to do digital banking, contact customer care, and for messaging app consumption.

Drive customer growth by encouraging new mobile services, supporting the centralization of digital channels for customer relations.

How 5G Could Shape Business Growth

Advanced networks offer stability and lessen the cost of data services. The evolution of 4G to 5G will impact how companies work and how customers switch to digital channels from SMS.

5G, the new wireless data standard, pledges to be about ten times faster than current 4G and 3G networks. Recently, Ericsson and MTN South Africa announced the first 5G customer trial that will soon roll out on a broader scale.

In South Africa, more than 5 trillion rands could be generated in value over the next decade through the use of digital in telecoms. 72% of customers expect to reach agents via their channel of choice, and providing agents with the tools to do so is critical. An agile workforce will flourish in an organization that, in the face of change, is prepared to bend and flex.

Evolving industries are going digital

Different sectors are embracing technological change and incorporating digital strategies. The transformation of conventional methods suggests that corporations are proactive, directing a focus on upskilling employees for a connected ecosystem.

Banks are at the forefront, vying for change with insurance and telecoms making innovative changes too. These sectors are planning to be omni-digital for digital native customers.

Digital channels are part of the customer journey, approaching them with an all or nothing attitude to availability. A mobile-first bank, for instance, allows certain operations from smartphones but requires customers to make a call for the subscription. Yet, a mobile-only bank offers customers the opportunity to carry out all transactions through a smart device.

The next step for companies

Differentiation from competitors will make you stand out. Customers’ preferences are rapidly changing, improving the experience for both. For example, a recent study suggests that 63% of agents are not aware of customer interactions on other channels, and 75% can’t effectively serve customers when it’s hard to collaborate with coworkers.

Satisfy communication preferences of employees and customers, allowing agents to deliver quality assistance in real-time on customers’ channel of choice, translating to happier employees and customers, leveraging digital transformation initiatives to position for global competitive advantage.

Be where your customers are

RingCentral helps over 100 companies around the world to connect with omni-digital customers. Among them, telecoms operator Orange uses the solution in more than ten countries across different continents, including Cameroon, France, and the Carribean. As Quitterie Chenard, Director of Digital Client Relations at Orange Caribbean, explains, “The competition is tougher, and the service provided to the customer will be a key element to differentiate. A unique platform like Engage Digital allows us to professionalize, manage the activity, and remain easy to access for our advisors. We also appreciate the responsiveness of the support that allows us to have quick answers. We must not stop there because the digital customer relationship is changing: Messaging is the channel of tomorrow! We hope that RingCentral Engage Digital will offer us an optimal solution, which will ensure we stay on one platform!”

A central hub for messages from all your channels to increase satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and grow your revenue. RingCentral Engage Digital enables companies to manage all digital customer care channels (messaging, social media, live-chat, mobile, email) within a single platform.

Learn about WhatsApp for Business, Apple Business Chat, and the RingCentral portfolio of communication and customer care products, visit us at booth E82 from 12–14 November 2019 at AfricaCom, Cape Town, South Africa.

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